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Write Your Little Heart Out

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I thought it'd be cool if the people I knew who were doing NaNo could talk about it here.

I'm going to include links to fun and cool things like writing status bars and stuff.

If you're thinking that this is a project designed to avoid working on my NaNo story, you are absolutely right.

If you don't know what NaNo (NaNoWriMo) is, you can visit their site here and marvel at how organized insane people can be.

Want to flaunt your progress? A nice word meter will help. You can use different colors. It's very neat.

If you're stuck for names, try using a fantasy name generator.

If you have more cool links, let me know.

Can I join even if I don't want to show my writing?
Yes. Absolutely.
What's the best way to show/share my work?
If you want to post it in the community, put it behind an LJ cut. If it's exceptionally long, consider offering it as a file to download. Google Documents is a good resource for this. You can set permissions to be public for all, or so that just a few people can read files.
Can I join if you don't know who I am?
This is really designed to be a community for people I know personally. If I don't know you, or if you're using a writing journal I'm not familiar with, then please email me (shadefell at gmail.com) and introduce yourself and tell me how you found the community.